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Are you ready to kick it into high gear and take your soccer skills to the next level? Our 5-day soccer camp is the perfect opportunity for players of all ages and skill levels to immerse themselves in the beautiful game while having a blast. Here’s what you can expect:


What to Expect

  • Daily skill-building sessions led by experienced coaches.

  • Daily scrimmages and mini-tournaments.

  • Drills and exercises to enhance your dribbling, passing, shooting, and defensive techniques.

  • Tactical insights to understand the game better.

  • Speed and agility sessions to boost your on-field performance.

  • Injury prevention and fitness guidance.

  • Soccer challenges and competitions.

  • Team-building activities.

  • Prizes and certificates for outstanding players. 

  • A closing ceremony to celebrate achievements.


We will be holding check-in starting the first morning of camp at College Point soccer field located here starting at 7:45 AM Drop off Tuesday - Friday will be at 8:00 AM at College Point soccer field.


Please plan on dropping off your child by 7:50 AM at the EARLIEST. Camp staff WILL NOT be available to watch campers before 7:50 AM.


Pick up time:

Pick up each day will start at 2:45pm. For the safety of the children you will be asked to sign your child out daily. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your child please make sure you let the coach know ahead of time and provide a photo ID. Your child will be signed out of camp each day by the coach who is working with their training group at the end of camp. Please note that due to field permit limitations your child MUST be picked up before 3:15pm. Any late pick-ups will result in a $20.00 late fee and any child is subject to removal following 2 late pick ups.


What to wear:

  • 1st Team Training camp shirt (included)

  •  Black shorts

  •  Black or white socks

  •  Soccer shoes (indoor or outdoor)


What to bring: 

  • 2 water bottles

  • Packed lunch

  • Soccer bag

  • Small towel

  • Sunscreen


Directions to field:

College Point Soccer Field #1

2361 130th St, Queens, NY 11356



Water and Lunch: 

It is essential that every camper brings and drinks adequate amounts of water at camp on a daily basis. Campers should bring a refillable water bottle as there will be coolers for refills. We recommend drinking at least 64 fl. oz. of water for a 6-7 hour camp. No food will be provided at our summer camp. Parents will be required to provide a healthy lunch for their child each day. Please note there is no refrigeration available to store food so lunch options should include non-refrigerated items.



Bathrooms located at College Point Field will be available and easily accessible for campers to use. We will coordinate 1-2 bathroom breaks throughout the day for the entire camp to transition together. Campers will be supervised at all times. In the event of any bathroom emergency, campers will also have access to an on-site portable toilet.

Physical Injury or Illness

While a certified physical trainer will not be present at the camp. All Members of our coaching staff are CPR / AED certified. In the event of any serious injury or illness our procedure is to contact the parents and, if necessary, the local emergency services. In the registration process, we also ask important medical questions so that we are always aware of any pre-existing injury or illness.

How the Campers Are Grouped

Campers are grouped accordingly: by age, gender, ability level and teammate request. Groups may be adjusted in order to provide the best possible camp experience for the participants. During the camp, all groups will remain intact and rotate to various coaches throughout the day. This allows the campers the benefit of working with different coaches and learning various skill sets.



Inclement Weather

Weather will be monitored before the start of camp. In the event of inclement weather, parents will be notified by email one hour prior to the start of camp should there be any changes to the camp schedule. Weather updates will also be messaged out directly via text. If inclement weather should arise while camp is in session, the following procedures will take place.


     1. Rain / Heavy Rain

In the event of light rain, camp will continue as planned. In case of long periods of heavy rain, campers will take shelter and all parents / guardians will be notified via phone call that campers may be picked up immediately.


     2. Thunderstorms

In the event of lighting, campers will immediately be escorted off the field of play to a sheltered

area. Parents / guardians will be notified via phone call that campers may be picked up



     3. Extreme Temperatures (Heat Waves)

In the event of a heat wave, we will change the camp curriculum to ensure the safety of all campers. The amount of water  breaks will increase throughout the day to eliminate dehydration. If 

temperatures become too hot, campers will take shade under on-site tents.



We do understand that plans can change, so please notify us of any changes as soon as possible. 

  • No refunds will be issued 72 hours before a regularly scheduled camp or 1-day clinic.

  • All requests for refunds must be made in writing and emailed to Email notification must be received 72 hours PRIOR to the start of camp. 

  • Refunds will not be issued for failure to attend a camp. Absence from camp will not be refunded or used as a credit towards another camp.

  • Should 1st Team Training find it necessary to remove a child from a camp due to behavior, no refund will be issued for the remaining camp dates. 

  • The $100.00 enrollment fee which is included within the class and camp price is non-refundable.

  • 1st Team Training does reserve the right to cancel any program at any time. If this does happen, a full refund including the enrollment fee will returned.


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